"What are your ingredients?"

Our handpoured products are 100% soy wax, phthalate-free, and use lead/zinc-free cotton wicks. We use the highest fragrance load possible for our wax and even our 6oz tin will easily fill a large space.  Everything is also also completely cruelty-free! We ensure we are using the best ingredients for the cleanest-burning candles possible.

"How does it smell?"

We use a high fragrance load recipe, and our 6oz tins easily fill at least one room!

"Aren't all soy candles the same?"

USA guidelines only require candles to be 51% soy to be labeled 'soy candle,' meaning the inexpensive soy candles you may find at chain stores can also contain paraffin, palm wax, beeswax, or coconut wax.  Wax suppliers also sell wax preblends and do not always disclose ingredients.

In the interest of being transparent and out of respect for our customers and mission, our candles and melts are 100% vegan soy wax!

 "Do your scents change?"

We have several flagship scents, and rotate 3-4 seasonal scents.


"What's shipping?"

See shipping.

We also offer Delivery in the Greater Memphis Area.

"How do I reuse my candle jar/empty my wax melter reservoir?"

We are huge on recycling and repurposing.  We recommend placing your jar or melter reservoir ion the freezer for about 1-2 hours, removing, then gently tapping the item upside down over a paper towel or the garbage.  The freezer will cause the wax to contract and pull away from the sides of your vessel and it should easily pop out.  Then just clean with rubbing alcohol!  (Note: We do not recommend reusing candle vessels for consumable products.)

For any questions, please email grindcitycandleco@gmail.com.