Candle Care

Trim your wick to 1/4" before every burn.  Untrimmed wicks can pop, smoke, soot, tunnel, or mushroom, which compromises the way it burns, cause it to smell burnt, or burn faster than it should.  This is especially important for glass or ceramic vessels, as unmaintained wicks can cause them to explode from excessive heat.

Do not leave your candle unattended or burn for more than 4-6 hours straight.  This can cause the wick to mushroom and become unstable with a large flame.  The excess heat will also cause your candle to burn up faster.

Don't burn in an unventilated room or near a fan.

"How do I reuse my candle jar/empty my wax melter reservoir?"

We are huge on recycling and repurposing.  We recommend placing your jar or melter reservoir ion the freezer for about 1-2 hours, removing, then gently tapping the item upside down over a paper towel or the garbage.  The freezer will cause the wax to contract and pull away from the sides of your vessel and it should easily pop out.  Then just clean with rubbing alcohol!  (Note: We do not recommend reusing candle vessels for consumable products.)